Hold Back the Night (novel)

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Hold Back the Night
Hold Back the Night (novel).jpg
AuthorPat Frank
CountryUnited States
PublisherJ. B. Lippincott & Co.
Publication date
Media typeprint

Hold Back the Night is a 1951 Korean War novel by Pat Frank. It chronicles the struggles of an American Marine Corps company during the retreat following the Battle of Chosin Reservoir. The plot centres on an unopened bottle of scotch owned by the commander of Dog Company as a lure to inspire his struggling company. Kirkus Reviews characterized the story as "A war story out of Korea which stays out of the bitter, grim school with its underlying warmth and belief in human goodness." It said that the story is a good mixture of sentimentality and "hard-boiledness".[1] In 1956, the book was adapted as a movie starring John Payne and Chuck Connors.


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