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Hold Everything
Industry Retail
Founded 1983
Defunct 2006
Revenue Increase
Owner Williams-Sonoma

Hold Everything was a specialty retail chain in the United States that sold home organization and storage solutions. Its parent company, Williams-Sonoma, closed the chain's 11 existing stores in 2006.[1]

The "Hold Everything" brand began as a Williams-Sonoma catalog introduced in 1983.[2][3] The catalog's success caused the company to begin opening retail stores using the brand name in 1985.[4][5] By 1989, it had already opened 12 retail locations.[6]

By early 1991, the chain had opened 24 locations, mostly in California, though Williams-Sonoma president Kent Larson forecast as many as 100-150 total stores.[7] Growth continued, and by 1993 the chain had expanded to 38 locations,[8] with typical stores approximately 2,200 square feet (200 m2) in size.[9]

In January 2006, Williams-Sonoma announced it would be closing all 11 remaining store locations and the catalog, and moving the product lines to its other stores, including Pottery Barn and West Elm. It was reported the chain's sales had not met expectations and only accounted for a small percentage of Williams-Sonoma's revenue.[1][10]

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