Hold On (Triumph song)

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"Hold On"
Single by Triumph
from the album Just a Game
B-side "Just a Game (5:48)"
Released 6 August 1979
Recorded late 1978
Genre Hard rock
Length 6:06
Label RCA
Writer(s) Rik Emmett
Producer(s) Mike Levine
Triumph singles chronology
"Lay It on the Line"
"Hold On"
"American Girls"

"Hold On" is the eighth, and often, final track from the 1979 Triumph album, Just a Game. The single was released on August 6, 1979 and rose to number 38 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was written by Rik Emmett.

The song, like Lay It on the Line was written two years before the release of the album. After failing to be noticed as an acoustic track in concert the band decided to make it a rock song and placed it at the end of the concept song, The Twisted Maze which compasses the entire second side of the vinyl.

The song has never been performed by the entire band in concert, due to its broad and complex arrangements. The live version from Stages, which is the only official version, was done acoustically.

The B-side is the title track for the album, clocking in at five minutes and forty eight seconds.

The video of the song was cut up and altered to help its chart potential, where it became only a two-minute-and-fifty-nine-second track. The video did not include the acoustic folk section of the beginning or the disco-styled breakdown at the end. This version was also the version released on the singles for every foreign country, thus the only countries to have the entire song was Canada and the United States.

Track listing[edit]

North American Version[edit]

  1. "Hold On" (Rik Emmett) – 6:04
  2. "Just a Game" (Rik Emmett) – 5:48

Holland, Spain and Japan Version[edit]

  1. "Hold On" (Rik Emmett) – 2:59
  2. "Just a Game" (Rik Emmett) – 5:48



Canada #11[citation needed]