Hold That Blonde

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Hold That Blonde
Directed by George Marshall
Starring Eddie Bracken
Edited by Leroy Stone
Release dates
November 23, 1945
Running time
76 mins.
Country United States
Language English

Hold That Blonde is a 1945 film directed by George Marshall. It stars Eddie Bracken and Veronica Lake.[1] Bracken plays a kleptomaniac who unwittingly becomes involved with a gang of jewel thieves, including Lake, whom he promptly falls in love with, initially unaware of her true occupation.

The part was a favorite of Lake's because it represented a change of pace for her ("it's a comedy, rather what Carole Lombard used to do") and she liked working with George Marshall.[2]

Officially it is a remake of Paths to Paradise, a 1925 silent comedy starring Raymond Griffith, inasmuch as both are based on the same play, Heart of a Thief by Paul Armstrong. However, the storyline was almost entirely reworked to fit Bracken's nebbish persona, to the extent that the two films have almost nothing in common apart from a few sight gags and a party sequence in which a valuable necklace is the target of the thieves.



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