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"Hold You Down"
Single by Jennifer Lopez featuring Fat Joe
from the album Rebirth
Released February 15, 2005 (2005-02-15)
Recorded 2004
Genre R&B[1]
Length 4:32
Label Epic
  • Nyce Boy
  • Gregory Bruno
  • Cory Rooney
Jennifer Lopez singles chronology
"Get Right"
"Hold You Down"
"Control Myself"
Fat Joe singles chronology
"New York"
"Hold You Down"
"So Much More"

"Hold You Down" is a song recorded by American singer Jennifer Lopez for her fourth studio album, Rebirth (2005). It was written by Gregory Christopher, Gregory Bruno, Makeba Riddick, Joseph Cartagena, Cory Rooney, Larry Troutman and Billy Beck and produced by Nyce Boy, Bruno and Rooney.


After the success of Rebirth‍ '​s lead single "Get Right", "Hold You Down" was chosen as its second single. Critics and fans alike criticized this move, considering the general lukewarm reception of the song.[2] "Hold You Down" was also included on Fat Joe's album All or Nothing (2005).[3] A remix with Don Omar is included on his compilation album Da Hitman Presents Reggaetón Latino (2005).[4]


"Hold You Down" is a song with a length of four minutes and thirty-two seconds (4:32). The song samples Shirley Murdock's "As We Lay".[5] According to Lopez, the track was a "last minute" add to Rebirth. While listening to the song, she knew that "there's nobody" that she can do the song with "except Fat Joe". Lopez called Fat Joe up immediately and the next day, the song was recorded after he created his own rap verses.

Speaking of the lyrics for "Hold You Down", Fat Joe said, "It's more like a friendship record, you know what I mean? Growing up in the Bronx and how we became who we are, but we still keep it real with each other. We don't talk every day, but we got mad love for each other whenever we see each other. It's always crazy love."[6] According to Entertainment Weekly, the song is about "how true she's [Lopez] been to her hood."[7] "Hold You Down" consists of a flat beat and "some tinkling" chimes in the background, which according to Sam Shepherd from musicOMH, "wouldn't be out of place on a Christmas single."[8]

Critical response[edit]

The song received most mixed reviews from music critics. musicOMH's Sam Shepherd wrote, "The lyrics are sweet but not sickly so, and Fat Joe's appearance doesn't sound like he's co-opted the track - instead he allows Lopez's voice room to breathe; and who would have guessed it, she may have an asset that is more impressive than her booty."[8] Justin Lewis from Yahoo! Voices compared the song to "All I Have", commenting that the song "tries to duplicate the success by replicating its formula: taking the same mellow R&B production, splicing it with another vintage R&B sample and only replacing LL Cool J with Fat Joe."[1] But, he wrote that "the effect isn't the same. While "All I Have" seemed to have some chemistry between J. Lo & LL and some life to it, even if it's heart is in the right place, this just sounds like a lazy afterthought."[1]

Mike Schiller from PopMatters called it an "ill-fated, milquetoast duet with Fat Joe."[2] David Browne of Entertainment Weekly commented that "even with Fat Joe pitching in, the song is as colorless as Lopez's voice."[7]

Music video[edit]

Prior to the video's release, Lopez told MTV News that "I'll be very real".[6] The music video for "Hold You Down" was directed by Diane Martel and edited by Paul Martínez.[9] It was released on March 7, 2005.[9] In The Bronx, New York City, Lopez is seen singing on top of a building and in a hallway, while Fat Joe is seen roaming the streets.


Release history[edit]

Country Date Format Label
United States[30] February 15, 2005 Digital download (1-track) Epic
Canada[31] March 15, 2005 Sony
Ireland[32] April 15, 2005
United Kingdom[33] RCA
Norway[34] May 10, 2005 Digital download (4-track) Sony
Belgium[35] May 13, 2005
Spain[42] May 16, 2005
United Kingdom[43] RCA
United Kingdom[44][45] CD single
Canada[46] May 24, 2005 Digital download (4-track) Sony
Sweden[47] May 25, 2005 Digital download (2-track)
Germany[48] May 30, 2005 CD single
Belgium[49] Digital download (2-track)


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