Holding Patterns

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For the upcoming film, see Holding Patterns (film).
Holding Patterns
Japanese cover
EP by +/-
Released April 15, 2003 (US)
October 8, 2003 (Japan)
Recorded Stratosphere Sound and Union Square, NYC
Genre Alternative rock,
Indie rock
Label TeenBeat, White Wabbit, &
Producer James Baluyut
+/- chronology
Self-Titled Long-Playing Debut Album
Holding Patterns
You Are Here
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Pitchfork Media (US)[1]
Allmusic (US) 3/5 stars[2]

Holding Patterns is the first release from +/- after it had expanded to a touring band. This was also the first major release from the group to feature songwriting and lead vocals by Patrick Ramos. Pitchfork Media's review of the EP coined the term "lap-rock" to describe its marriage of electronic production and indie rock.[1] It was released in a modified version in Japan, and the US version of the EP was packaged with the band's subsequent album You Are Here in Taiwan.

Track listing[edit]

US version[edit]

  1. "I've Been Lost" – 4:00
  2. "Trapped Under Ice Floes" – 5:26
  3. "Far into the Fields" – 2:47
  4. "You've Just Got It All" – 4:25
  5. "Making the Horse Drink" – 3:18

Japanese version[edit]

  1. "I've Been Lost"
  2. "Trapped Under Ice Floes"
  3. "Summerlong" (cover of the song by Emm Gryner)
  4. "You've Just Got It All"
  5. "Making the Horse Drink"
  6. "If I Am Charming"


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