Hole-in-the-Wall Falls

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Hole-in-the-Wall Falls
Warren Falls (Hood River County, Oregon scenic images) (hooDA0152).jpg
Hole-in-the-Wall in the summer
LocationStarvation Ridge trail
Coordinates45°41′10″N 121°42′08″W / 45.68616°N 121.70209°W / 45.68616; -121.70209Coordinates: 45°41′10″N 121°42′08″W / 45.68616°N 121.70209°W / 45.68616; -121.70209
TypeTiered Plunges
Elevation220 ft (67 m)
Total height96 ft (29 m)
flow rate
35 cu ft/s (1 m3/s)

Hole-in-the-Wall Falls, also known as Warren Falls, is a 96-foot man-made waterfall on Warren Creek in Starvation Creek State Park, Hood River County, Oregon, United States.[1] Its main drop is 60 feet. It was created in 1938 when Warren Creek was diverted through a tunnel (hence its name) to prevent washouts of the Columbia River Highway.[2] The creation of the falls shut off a natural cascade known as Warren Creek Falls named after the creek that formed it.

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