Holger H. Hoos

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Holger H. Hoos
ResidenceThe Netherlands
Alma materTechnische Universität Darmstadt
AwardsAAAI Fellow (2015) [1]
Scientific career
Doctoral advisorWolfgang Bibel

Holger H. Hoos is a German-Canadian computer scientist and a professor of machine learning at Leiden University.[2] He previously was a professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of British Columbia until 2016. His research interests are focused on empirical algorithmics with applications in artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and operations research.[3] In particular, he works on automated algorithm design and on stochastic local search algorithms. Since 2015, he is a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI).

He wrote the book Stochastic Local Search: Foundations and Applications[4] (with Thomas Stützle), and his research is published widely in internationally leading journals and conference proceedings.[5][6] He also works in computer music, where he created the SALIERI music programming language and computer music system (with Thomas Helbich, Jürgen Kilian and Kai Renz) as well as GUIDO music notation (with Keith Hamel).


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