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Holiday Engagement (originally titled A Thanksgiving Engagement) is a 2011 film starring Bonnie Somerville, Shelley Long and Jordan Bridges. It premiered on Hallmark Channel on November 28, 2011.


Always struggling in life and love, Hillary Burns (Bonnie Somerville) constantly feels the pressure to marry from her demanding mother, Meredith (Shelley Long). Finally, this holiday season, she thinks she finally has it right. Hillary assures her meddling mother that her handsome new fiancé is coming to the Burns’ family home for Thanksgiving weekend to finally meet her crazy clan. But when the workaholic lawyer suddenly breaks up with her, Hillary has to scramble to find a replacement or risk facing her mother’s wrath. After posting an ad online, she hires David (Jordan Bridges), an out-of-work actor, to pose as her fiancé in front of her mom, her dad (Sam McMurray) and her snobbish sister Trish (Haylie Duff). Soon, her fake engagement starts to feel real when she begins falling for David. Can Hillary find a way to turn this replacement into the real deal? Or will her overbearing mother find out the truth before the holiday is through?[1]


Bonnie Somerville as Hillary
Shelley Long as Meredith
Jordan Bridges as David
Haylie Duff as Trisha Burns
Sam Horrigan as Greg
Jennifer Elise Cox as Connie
Sam McMurray as Mr. Burns
Susie Castillo as Lindsay
Sam Pancake as Julian
Chris McKenna as Jason King
Carrie Wiita as Joy Burns
Edi Patterson as Sophie
Christopher Goodman as Peter
Stewart Scott as Frank
Tomas Kolehmainen as Gill (as Nick Angel)


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