Holiday Pacific and Southern Tower

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The Holiday Pacific and Southern Tower is a 468.7 meters tall guyed mast for FM- and TV-broadcasting located in Holiday, Florida, USA at 28°11'5"N 82°45'37"W. It was built in 1979.


The Holiday Pacific and Southern Tower is unusual in that it is situated in a residential area, surrounded by houses. Generally, the area around guyed masts is not developed into private residences, owing to the likelihood of incidental property damage from ice (rare at this latitude) or grease (from periodic maintenance of the guys) falling from the guys to the ground below. Another factor is that the high proximal intensity of radio and television transmissions can be a source of electromagnetic interference, affecting the electronic devices of nearby homeowners.

The Holiday Pacific and Southern Tower was dismantled in early 2012. All that remains is a Doppler radar station with two small buildings which track approaching storms coming off the Gulf of Mexico. All the property where the tower and support cables were located are now open fields maintained by Pasco county.

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Coordinates: 28°11′5″N 82°45′37″W / 28.18472°N 82.76028°W / 28.18472; -82.76028

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