Holiday Park, Germany

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Holiday Park
Holiday Park logo.svg
LocationHaßloch, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Coordinates49°19′11″N 8°17′41″E / 49.31972°N 8.29472°E / 49.31972; 8.29472Coordinates: 49°19′11″N 8°17′41″E / 49.31972°N 8.29472°E / 49.31972; 8.29472
OwnerPlopsa/Studio 100
Area40 Ha
Roller coasters2

Holiday Park is an amusement park in Haßloch, Germany. It is one of Germany's most popular theme parks (receiving about a million visitors per year) and is part park and part woodland. Its Free Fall Tower was the first amusement ride of its kind in Europe. The Park also offers several roller coasters, including Expedition GeForce, water rides, and live shows.[1]

Expedition GeForce has been consistently remained in the top ten of the "Golden Ticket Awards: Top Steel Roller Coasters" as well as the top three in the "Mitch Hawker's Best Roller Coaster Poll: Best Steel-Tracked Roller Coaster" since opening in 2001.


Roller coasters[edit]

Water rides[edit]

  • Donnerfluss
  • Tanzenden Fontänen
  • Rieseneimer
  • Tulpen-Splash
  • Plitsch-Platsch
  • Wickie Splash

Thrill rides[edit]

  • Anubis Free Fall Tower
  • Bounty Tower
  • Lighthouse tower
  • Majas Blumenturm
  • Spinning Barrels
  • Sturmschiff
  • Verrückter Baum
  • Wellenhopser
  • Sky Fly

Family rides[edit]

  • Antikes Pferdekarussell
  • Bienchenwirbel
  • Burg Falkenstein
  • Laras Marienkäferflug
  • Tretboote
  • Schmetterlingsflug
  • Tabalugas Abenteuer
  • Willies Flossfahrt

Child rides[edit]

  • Flip der Grashüpfer
  • Die Frosche
  • Holly’s Fahrschule
  • Holly’s Minicars


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