Holiday Rapid View Yamanashi

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Holiday Rapid View Yamanashi
A Holiday Rapid View Yamanashi service at Takao Station
Service typeRapid
LocaleTokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture
First service1993
Current operator(s)East Japan Railway Company (JR East)
Line(s) usedJR East: Chūō Main Line
On-board services
Class(es)Standard class, Green Car
Rolling stockJR East 215 series EMUs
(From Kōzu Depot)
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification1,500 V DC overhead
Operating speedMaximum 100 km/h (62 mph)

The Holiday Rapid View Yamanashi (ホリデー快速ビューやまなし) is a Holiday Rapid service train operated by East Japan Railway Company from Shinjuku to Kobuchizawa on the Chūō Main Line.

Service pattern[edit]

  • 1 round trip is operated every weekend from March to November.[1]
  • Services are not operated from December to February, to prevent train failures due to the winter season, as the rolling stock, the 215 series, is not designed to withstand low temperatures and snow.

Stations served[edit]


There are 3 types of seating for this train, namely Non-reserved seating (自由席), Reserved seating (指定席) and Green Seating (グリーン席), which require different tickets.[1]

For non-reserved seating, only a Basic Fare Ticket (乗車券) is required. This is different from non-reserved seating on Limited Expresses, as this train is only a Rapid service, which makes the purchase of a Non-reserved Limited Express Ticket (自由席特急券) unnecessary.

For reserved seating, a Seat Reservation Ticket (座席指定券) costing 520 yen is required, along with the Basic Fare Ticket.

For Green seating, a Green Car Ticket (グリーン券) is required, with pricing depending on distance, along with the Basic Fare Ticket.

Rolling stock[edit]

  • 215 series 10-car sets (based in the Kōzu Depot)[1]
Car No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Accommodation Non-reserved Non-reserved Non-reserved Green Green Reserved Reserved Non-reserved Non-reserved Non-reserved
Numbering KuMoHa 215 MoHa 214 SaHa 215-200 SaRo 214 SaRo 215 SaHa 214 SaHa 214 SaHa 215-100 MoHa 214-100 KuMoHa 215-100
  • Car 1 is at the Kobuchizawa end, and Car 10 is at the Shinjuku end. This is the opposite to other trains on the Chūō Main Line.


  • 1993: Services between Tokyo and Kobuchizawa began.
  • 2002: With the introduction of 215 series to the Shonan-Shinjuku Line, the eastern terminus is changed from Tokyo to Shinjuku.
  • 2007: Extended services to Chiba on particular days began operation.

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