Holkham Bay

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Map of Holkham Bay showing principal mines
Map of the northern portions of the Alexander Archipelago and the Inside Passage. Holkham Bay is shown at middle right.

Holkham Bay (also known as Sumdum Bay)[1] is a bay in Alaska, known for the Tracy Arm.

Gold was mined from quartz veins found in the black graphite slate. The Sumdum Mine is located 2.5 miles south of Sanford Cove. Two ledges constitute the Sumdum Chief and Bald Eagle Mines and "have been mined to a depth of several hundred feet below their surface outcrops." Supporting structures included a 10-stamp mill, 4 large Frue Vanners, 2 Pelton wheels, a wagon road, a short tramway, and a wharf.[2]

Gold was mined by the Portland Group from a silicious schist ore body containing gold-bearing pyrite, galena, and sphalerite.[2]

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Coordinates: 57°44′55″N 133°37′48″W / 57.748694°N 133.629999°W / 57.748694; -133.629999