Holkham Bible

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Holkham Bible
Peers and commoners fighting - The Holkham Bible Picture Book (c.1320-1330), f.40 - BL Add MS 47682.jpg
Holkham Bible folio 40
LanguageAnglo-Norman French
Media typeIlluminated manuscript

The Holkham Bible (London, British Library, Add MS 47682) is an illustrated collection of biblical and apocryphal stories in Norman French. It was produced in England during the decades before 1350 for use by an unidentified Dominican friar. The illustrations depict the stories in contemporary English settings, making it a visual source on medieval English society. Previously part of the library of Holkham Hall, Norfolk, the Holkham Bible is now held by the British Library.

A facsimile edition edited by Michelle P. Brown was published by the British Library in 2007.

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