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Holland V
Genre Family Drama
Created by Ang Eng Tee (洪荣狄)
Written by Ang Eng Tee (洪荣狄)
Starring Chen Liping
Xie Shaoguang
Jeanette Aw
Qi Yuwu
Pierre Png
Cynthia Koh
Opening theme 快乐密码 (The Password To Happiness) By 邓妙华,邓桂华 and 邓雪华
Country of origin Singapore
Original language(s) Mandarin Chinese
No. of episodes 125
Producer(s) Kwek Leng Soong (郭令送) and Li Ningqiang (李宁强)
Original network MediaCorp 8th Frequency (Now MediaCorp Channel 8)
Original release 9 June – 28 November 2003
Preceded by True Heroes
Followed by Moon Fairy

Holland V (Chinese: 荷兰村) is a 2003 Singaporean drama series produced by MediaCorp. It was the third long-running drama in Singaporean television history, and was modelled on the long running Hong Kong drama A Kindred Spirit. Like A Kindred Spirit, the main family in the series, the Mo family, operates a small restaurant (serving Nasi Lemak) in Holland Village (also known as Holland V, hence the title).

Originally intended to be 115 episodes long, the series was extended to 125 episodes after performing strongly in ratings.


Written by famed Singaporean scriptwriter Mr. Ang Eng Tee. Holland V, spanning more than 100 episodes, Holland V, as the title suggests, revolves around the quaint neighbourhood of Holland Village, particularly singling out the Mo Family.

"Big Sister" Mo Wanwan is known not only for her famous nasi lemak, but also for her Herculean strength, huge appetite and rotund build. Yet, she hasn't always looked like that. The hefty-sized Mo used to be a pretty, svelte girl, and had a daughter, Lin Siting, with Lin Jingcai at the age of 18. Jingcai then brought the baby back home to be taken care of by his wife Su Yueping, who is unable to conceive. Ever since Jingcai was put behind bars for a crime he committed, Yueping forbides Wanwan from seeing Siting. The 2 women are always squabbling, and are known as 'the most quarrelsome duo in Holland Village'.

Upset from not being able to see her daughter, Mo turns her misery into eating sprees. Within a decade, she has turned into a boorish 'Iron Lady' whom everyone fears. She is however, forced to look into her weighty issues when she finds herself falling for Fang Nuowen, a doctor.

Mo Wanwan has many siblings: second sister, the deceptively skinny Mo Lingling, possesses a formidable kick when she's provoked. Otherwise, though, Mo Lingling is all demure and kind but sadly, she is often bullied by her colleagues and even her own foul-tempered husband, Tian Dahua.

Third sister, Mo Yanyan, also older twin sister to Mo Jingjing, is a lazybones who holds a record of sleeping continuously for 3 days and nights. A beauty with brains but who's so lazy, she could give up a Varsity exam for sleep! She soon begins to see the harsh reality of the working world but yet dreams of amassing $100m by the age of 30.

Mo Jingjing is the exact opposite of her older twin sister, Mo Yanyan. She is dim-witted, has a low IQ but works very hard at Wanwan's nasi lemak stall. An innocent and kind girl who often gets cheated of her money and love, she nevertheless remained optimistic and bear no grudges against those who had done her wrong. Although her family often berates her for being stupid, Lady Luck is always by her side - she strikes lottery frequently and everyone begs her for lottery numbers.

As a dedicated botanist, Mo Rourou is yet another pair of twins with her younger twin brother, Mo Yangyang, who's life revolves around nothing but plants. Though blessed with good looks, suitors are often put off by her highly scientific talks and unromantic soul. When out collecting specimens in the forest on one occasion, Rourou runs into her love interest's half-brother and is raped. She wakes up from the ordeal mentally traumatized.

The only son and baby of the family and also younger twin brother to Mo Rourou, Yangyang is agile and alert, Yangyang is quickly promoted in the Police Force. However, when his girlfriend runs into some problems with the law, he gets himself onto the wrong side of the law in a bid to cover up for her...

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2003 Accolades[edit]

At the Star Awards 2003, the show set a record for the most number of acting nominations awarded to a cast in a single year (with 9 nominations), 4 of which were in the Best Supporting Actor category, which was also a record. It also made history by becoming the first show to win all 4 acting categories at the Star Awards (5, if one includes the Young Talent Award, which is handed to child actors). The previous record holders for the most number of acting wins by a cast were Stepping Out and The Price of Peace, with 3 wins each.The other Dramas that are nominated for Best Theme Song are A Child's Hope 孩有明天 Baby Boom 我家四个宝 Springs of Life 春到人间 The Unbeatables III 双天至尊III

Award Nominee Result
Young Talent Award 青苹果奖 Wang Yu 王宇 Won
Best Actor 最佳男主角 Xie Shaoguang 謝韶光 Won
Best Actress 最佳女主角 Chen Liping 陳莉萍 Won
Jeanette Aw 歐萱 Nominated
Best Supporting Actor 最佳男配角 Huang Wenyong 黃文永 Nominated
Huang Yiliang 黄奕良 Won
Jeff Wang 王建复 Nominated
Yao Wenlong 姚彣隆 Nominated
Best Supporting Actress 最佳女配角 Patricia Mok 莫小玲 Won
Xiang Yun 向雲 Nominated
Best Drama Serial 最佳电视剧 N/A Won
Top Rated Drama Series 最高收视率电视剧 Holland V Won
Best Theme Song 最佳主题曲 快乐密码 by the Theng sisters Nominated
Best Screenplay Ang Eng Tee Won

Additionally, at the Star Awards 25th Anniversary show (2007), Holland V's theme song was voted as one of the top five favorites theme songs and the character of Mo Wanwan (portrayed by Chen Liping) was named one of the 5 most memorable characters. The show itself was honored as one of the top 5 favorite dramas. The character of Edison Ying Tiancheng (portrayed by Jeff Wang) was named one of the Top 10 most memorable villains.

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