Hollandsche Rading railway station

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Hollandsche Rading
Hollandsche Rading 17juni2006 003.jpg
Location Netherlands
Coordinates 52°10′41″N 5°10′45″E / 52.17806°N 5.17917°E / 52.17806; 5.17917Coordinates: 52°10′41″N 5°10′45″E / 52.17806°N 5.17917°E / 52.17806; 5.17917
Line(s) Hilversum–Lunetten railway
Opened 10 June 1874
Preceding station   Nederlandse Spoorwegen   Following station
toward Hoofddorp
NS Sprinter 5700
2x/hour; Not on evenings
NS Sprinter 14900
2x/hour, but only 1x/hour Hilversum-Almere Centrum; Evenings only
Hollandsche Rading is located in Northeastern Randstad
Hollandsche Rading
Hollandsche Rading
Location within Northeastern Randstad

Hollandsche Rading is a Dutch railway station located along the railway line Hilversum - Utrecht, near the town of Hollandsche Rading and immediately west of the A27 motorway. The station was opened on 10 June 1874.

The railway station is located exactly on the border of two provinces. Platform 1, for the southbound trains (Utrecht-bound), lies in the province of Utrecht, while platform 2, for the northbound (Hilversum-bound) trains, is located in North Holland.

Hollandsche Rading can be translated in Dutch to Holland Border as in North Holland going into Utrecht.

Train services[edit]

The following train service calls at Hollandsche Rading:

  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) The Hague - Leiden - Hoofddorp - Schiphol - Duivendrecht - Hilversum - Utrecht


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