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Hollebeke is a Flemish village in the Belgian province of West Vlaanderen, now part of Ypres city.


In World War I, it was the site of allied heroism (like other neighbouring parts of Ypres, such as Klein Zillebeke) that won Khudadad Khan the first Victoria Cross ever awarded to a native Indian.

In 1970 it was incorporated in Zillebeke, which in turn merged with the city of Ieper (Ypres, at five miles' distance) in 1976.


To commemorate the Canadian troops fighting at Hollebeke, in 1917 the 2,221-metre-high (7,287 ft) Hollebeke Mountain (49° 23' 30" North, 114° 34' 10" West), on the continental divide at the head of Pincher Creek; southeast buttress of North Kootenay Pass. Park, bordering Alberta and British Columbia, was named after the village. Major headwaters are Oldman River and Flathead River. It also gave its name to the families Hollebeke and Van Hollebeke (van is Dutch for 'of', in surnames often meaning 'from').

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Coordinates: 50°48′19″N 2°56′17″E / 50.80528°N 2.93806°E / 50.80528; 2.93806