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Hallertau area in Bavaria

The Hallertau or Holledau is an area in Bavaria, Germany. With an area of 178 km², it is listed as the largest continuous hop-planting area in the world.[1] According to the International Hop Growing Convention, Germany produces roughly one third of the world's hops (used as flavoring and stabilizers during beer brewing), over 80% of which are grown in the Hallertau.

Hallertau is roughly located between the cities of Ingolstadt, Kelheim, Landshut, Moosburg, Freising and Schrobenhausen. The region is defined by the hop-planting area in Bavaria. It is divided into several seal districts:

Famous citizens[edit]

  • Johannes Aventinus (4 July 1477 – 9 January 1534), a Bavarian Renaissance humanist, historian, and philologist.
  • Christoph Thomas Scheffler (December 20, 1699 – January 25, 1756), a Bavarian painter of the rococo period.
  • Roider Jackl (17 June 1906 – 8 May 1975) was a Bavarian performer, singer, and folk singer

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Further reading[edit]

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