Hollow World Campaign Set

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Hollow World Campaign Set
The cover to the Hollow World boxed set
GenreRole-playing game
PublisherTSR, Inc.
Publication date
Media typeBoxed set

The Hollow World Campaign Set is an accessory for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.


Hollow World is a campaign setting boxed set describing a vast new territory, the hollow inside of the Known World, mapped on four large sheets.[1] The 128-page "Dungeon Master's Sourcebook" described how in the Hollow World, prehistoric animals abound, as do strange races, such as native tribes, strange elves, and the remnants of the ancient Nithians; magic behaves somewhat differently in the Hollow World, and the people there worship different Immortals.[1] The 64-page "Player's Book" has rules for creating Hollow World characters, plus new spells.[1] The 32-page "Adventure Book" lists new monsters (mainly prehistoric ones), and includes an introductory scenario.[1] The Hollow World set is also suitable for use with AD&D 2nd Edition rules.[1]

Publication history[edit]

Hollow World was written by Aaron Allston, with a cover by Fred Fields and interior illustrations by Thomas Baxa and Mark Nelson, and was published by TSR in 1990 as a boxed set containing a 128-page book, a 64-page book, and a 32-page book, and four large color maps.[1]




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