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EP by Entombed
Released 1993
Genre Death 'n' roll
Length 21:36
Label Earache
Producer Entombed and Tomas Skogsberg
Entombed chronology
Stranger Aeons
(1991)Stranger Aeons1991

Hollowman is an EP released by Entombed on Earache Records in 1993. The 1996 reissue featured bonus track "God of Thunder" which was previously released on Out of Hand single. The track "Serpent Speech" was covered later by French technical death metal band Scarve on their album Luminiferous.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Hollowman" Andersson 4:30
2. "Serpent Speech" Andersson 2:11
3. "Wolverine Blues" (Instrumental version) Andersson, Cederlund 2:12
4. "Bonehouse" Håkansson, Cederlund, Andersson 3:39
5. "Put off the Scent" Hellid, Andersson 3:19
6. "Hellraiser" Young 5:43
Bonus track on 1996 reissue
No. Title Writer(s) Original artist Length
7. "God of Thunder" Stanley Kiss 4:40