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Hollowphonic is an ambient, space rock musical collective based out of the Canadian city of Toronto, Ontario. The outfit, founded by Brad Ketchen in 1999, has performed at various notable events, including the Canadian Music Week and North by Northeast festivals.

Hollowphonic has also opened for a variety of acts, including Manic Street Preachers, Low, Super Furry Animals, and Los Campesinos.

Hollowphonic first began in 1996 as the name 'Hollow'. After Brad recorded a 4-track demo, he began recording songs (all in the key of D) at Rob Sanzo's 'Signal To Noise' studio with assistance from James Cavalluzzo (Malhavoc) tweaking the effects on 2" inch tape. Brad further worked the tracks into a couple of songs that appeared on the first release 'Phonic 50 mg'. The first being 'Sertraline' and the second originally appearing on a split Modernation release with 'More Plastic' called 'Happy'. The drums from the latter were reworked into a song called 'Time Is All I Need' on 'Phonic 50 mg'.

'Phonic 50 mg' was recorded with Rob Sanzo with additional tracks recorded and mixed at Brad's studio, Pharmasound. Tom Bartnick created the electronic element and the band went from a sludge/space rock sound to a full out Electronic space rock shoegaze bliss. The record, released in June 1999, was not shopped around but was approached by a new label called 'Sweet Tooth Recordings'. Brad enlisted a barrage of musicians to back him up live. Some of these included members of Escalate, Vulcan Dub Squad, Speedway, Crystal Castles, The Uncut and Old Soul.

During the release of the second record 'Majestic' in 2002, Brad played bass in the post Southpacific group 'Summerside'. Brad then joined the band 'Bluescreen' playing guitar while writing, producing, recording and playing live with his Electronic/idm side group 'In Support of Living' scoring Feature-length films and collaborating with Portland, Oregon, Film Director Rob Tyler.

Hollowphonic has been playing random gigs including a 4-song set for the Toronto Spacemen 3 benefit gig for Spacemen 3/Spiritualized record sleeve designer and artist, Natty Brooker, December 4, 2010 and some scaled down solo shows, including playing material from his In Support of Living project, in and around Toronto. Brad has also been involved in remixing artists such as [1]', The Holiday Crowd, and feature film, trailer post production and score work.

The latest record 'Viaduct' was released on February 14, 2014, internet only through Chicago label Minor Sphere Records [2][permanent dead link]. A CD/vinyl version will be available in the future.

Hollowphonic moves on as Brad Ketchen's solo output as the previous rhythm section didn't 'work out' enlisting friends to back him up or a solo performance focusing on the electronic/ambient and acoustic material not regularly performed with a live band.

Brad contributed a cover of Sianspheric's 'Broken Man' to Canadian Blog, 'Quick Before It Melts' compilation, Canadian bands covering Canadian songs recorded before 2004, called 'Dominionated Deux' released on Canada Day in 2015 celebrating Canada's birth of 148 Years.

A new record is in the works steering the sound in new directions as well as retaining the wall-of-sound ambient electronic rock sound.


  • Happy and Sertraline on Split Single with More Plastic (1996 release via Modernation Records) Listed as "Hollow"
  • Sticky 'Feeling Zero' Remix (1999 release via Sweet Tooth Recordings) Listed as "Hollow"
  • Trauma on Sweet Little Things Compilation (1999 release via Sweet Tooth Recordings)
  • Phonic 50 mg '(1999 release via Sweet Tooth recordings, re-released 2002 via Pharmasound records)
  • Majestic (2002 release via Pharmasound records)
  • Anthem and Prelude (2003 vinyl comp release via Errol Records UK)
  • Viaduct (February 14, 2014 via Minor Sphere Records)
  • Broken Man; Sianspheric cover (July 1, 2015 via Quick Before It Melts 'Dominionated Deux' compilation)
  • Save For Memory; (July 2016 via Patetico Recordings 'Rock Back For Equador compilation)

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