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Holly Ann Collins and her three children Jennifer, Christopher, Zachary were the first Americans that were granted asylum in the Netherlands. On June 30th 1994 she grabbed her three children, in Minnesota and kidnapped them to the Netherlands, to escape her ex husband, who was granted custody of her two children. He was abusing her two children, who desperately cried to there mother for help. She was trying to go to New Zeeland after reading about the Elisabeth Morgan case. Instead she got stranded in the Netherlands. They were about to send her back to the United States for not having the proper paperwork, but asked for asylum. At first the officials at Schiphol International Airport thought the she was joking, because asylum seekers usually don’t come from the United States. After living in refugee camps for three years with refugees from Somali and Bosnia, she and her three children were granted asylum in the Netherlands for humanitarian reason in 1997.
She was living in Leiden, 12 miles from Amsterdam. She was betrayed when a local neighbor, who recognized her from a FBI wanted posters. He informed the FBI in 2007. The local police were the only ones that knew that she was wanted in the in the United States. Because she was granted asylum she can not be deported or extradited to the United States. She has since married a local Dutchman with whom she has four biological children. She also adopted three additional children. Her daughter Jennifer Collins currently 22, who was seven when she and her two brothers were abducted on June 30th 1994, says that she want voluntary with her mother, and says that, that was the happiest day of her life. She is glad that her mother kidnapped her and her two brothers to the Netherlands. She says that, she cannot return home until the charges are dropped against her mother. Her mother is afraid that if she returned to Minnesota, she will lose custody of her youngest, son Christopher, who could be placed with his father. She would also have to end all communications with her children, the oldest one being 25, as a condition of bail.
Source in English and Dutch.
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