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Holly Elissa
Born Holly Elissa Dignard
(1979-10-01) 1 October 1979 (age 37)
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Occupation Actor, artist, activist, filmmaker.
Years active 2000 –

Holly Elissa (born 1 October 1979 in Moncton, New Brunswick), is a Canadian artist, actress, filmmaker and activist. She is an activist for women's rights, child welfare, social injustice and discrimination as well as a supporter of animal and environmental welfare.

She made her TV debut on the Sci-Fi Channel's hit series Outer Limits in 2000. Her other credits include The Chris Isaak Show, Stargate SG-1, Voyage of the Unicorn, Stargate Atlantis, The L Word, Battlestar Galactica, Kyle X/Y, Eureka, Supernatural, Kill Switch, Ice Quake and Polar Shift. She was one of the stars of the Canadian series Whistler.


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