Holly Jack

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Holly Jack
Born Holly Jack
1989/1990 (age 28–29)[1]
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Occupation Actress, acting coach
Known for River City
Waterloo Road

Holly Jack is a Scottish actress and acting coach, best known for her role as Nicole Brodie in the BBC Scotland soap opera, River City, in which she joined as a series regular in October 2010.[2] In November 2013, she announced that she was leaving the show.[3] In July 2014, it was announced that Jack would be joining the cast of Waterloo Road as a new student, Bonnie Kincaid.[4]


In 2010, Holly Jack was cast in River City as Nicole Brodie. She made her first on-screen appearance on 12 October 2010. ATV described her as "14 going on 40".[5] Speaking of her casting, Jack said, "I think they [her parents] were happier than me when I got the part. My mum was screaming down the phone. I think she nearly had a heart attack."[2] She quit the role in 2014, saying that she had learned all she could from the character.[1] Of her last storyline on the show, she told The Sunday Post that it "left her shattered".[6]

Shortly after she quit River City, she was hired as an acting coach.[7] On 1 July 2014, it was announced that Jack would be joining the cast of Waterloo Road as a new student at the beginning of the second half of the tenth series in early 2015, which would also be the last series of the show.[4]



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