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Holly Ryder
Born Lisa Marie Abato[1][2]
(1966-12-23) December 23, 1966 (age 51)[3]
Long Island, New York, U.S.[3]
Nationality American[3]
Other names Holly Rider[3]
Height 5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)[3]

Holly Ryder (born December 23, 1966 under the name Lisa Marie Abato) was the stage name of an American pornographic film star until December 1992.[1][2][3]


Abato started in the porn business in 1990[3] after several lean years of waiting tables.[2] By the end of 1991, though, the fear of AIDS and a growing desire to quit the adult film industry prompted her to appear in "specialty videos" (bondage films) where sexual intercourse did not occur.[1]

Anti-pornography work[edit]

Ryder retired in late 1992 and became an anti-pornography crusader. She established the Holly Ryder Foundation (a nonprofit organization designed to intervene in the lives of street youths), which sought to place an initiative on the 1994 California ballot that would ban pornographic film production & distribution in California.[1][2]


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