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Hollywood Official DVD Poster .jpg
Directed byDinesh Baboo
Produced byRamu
Written byUpendra
Screenplay byUpendra
Story byUpendra
Felicity Mason
Ananth Nag
Music byGurukiran
CinematographyPKH Das
Edited byB. S. Kemparaj
Ramu Enterprises
Release date
  • 2002 (2002)
Running time
136 minutes
Budget30 million (US$430,000)[1]
Box office38 million (US$550,000)[1]

Hollywood is a 2002 Indian Kannada science fiction film written by Upendra and directed by Dinesh Babu. Hollywood is the first Indian robot film before Shankar's film Enthiran. Upendra is the first man in India to play the role of human like android. It starred Upendra in a triple role as Surendra, Upendra and US 47 (a robot) along with the Australian actress Felicity Mason as Manisha. The movie was shot entirely in Hollywood, California with a very few support cast, including Ananth Nag and a monkey called Lakshmi, voiced by Ramesh Bhat. The movie was also dubbed into Telugu, retaining the same title.[2]

Upendra became the first Indian actor to portray the role of an android robot in a lead role. Upendra had revealed that while he was working on this film, he had heard that S. Shankar was also planning a film themed on robots. According to Upendra it was only when Shankar told him that his film would be delayed that Upendra continued with this project - about a scientist who creates an android resembling himself to help him win over a girl. But,the android falls in love with the girl and tries to eliminate his creator. However,eight years later, Shankar directed Enthiran which had a similar theme - about a lookalike robot rebelling against his creator after falling in love with the creator's girlfriend.[3]


Upendra plays a lovelorn nerd Surendra who can do anything to get Manisha (Felicity Mason) to love him. Desperate to impress her and unable to do so himself, he seeks the help of his maverick scientist professor (Ananth Nag). The professor comes up with a clone of Surendra who will do the bit of impressing Manisha, and once the task is accomplished, the real Surendra will take over.

However, things go berserk after the professor gives Surendra's clone - an android robot - the ability to think and act like humans. He bestows the clone named US 47 with human discretion and human emotion. The idea of the clone backfires when US 47 starts using his discretion and falls in love with Manisha. Using his robotic strength and human intelligence, and of course the help of a lab monkey (Seenu), US 47 proves to be a formidable enemy to Surendra over Manisha. Now the mad professor, Surendra, his twin brother Upendra and Manisha need to get together to solve the problem.[4]



Track list[edit]

1."Choo Bide Choo Bide"UpendraUdit Narayan4:21
2."Sakkathagide Hollywood"UpendraSukhwinder Singh, Gurukiran, Allwyn4:20
3."Aamantharisi Nanna"V. Nagendra PrasadAnupama5:07
4."Prema Prema"UpendraUdit Narayan6:03
5."Aeeeyy Aeeyyii"UpendraSunidhi Chauhan, Gurukiran3:41
6."Benkiyalli Haaku"UpendraS. P. Balasubrahmanyam4:52
Total length:28:24

Box office[edit]

Hollywood had not a good opening at the box office across Karnataka and set the box office on average during its initial weeks, but the film received just mixed response among the audience.[6] The film collected 38 million (US$550,000) at the box office after completing 75 days of run and was declared as a Semi Hit.[1]


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