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Hollywood is a creative writing game released in 1995 by Theatrix Interactive.


Users input text and can watch the characters read it. The game features a choice of 24 scenes and multiple cartoon animal characters. Having been released for more than a decade and its original developer defunct, this software is now considered abandonware.

Hollywood features ten cartoon characters:

  • Larry, a yellow hippie dog.
  • Sid, a purple anteater in a blue business suit.
  • Tiffany, a glamorous orange dog.
  • Artie, a nerdy-looking alligator.
  • Charlotte, a policewoman fox.
  • Chuck, a palm tree in a flower shirt and lei.
  • Billie, A purple dog with glasses and pink hair.
  • JJ, a cool dog with a backwards baseball cap.
  • Bev, a fat pink cat with blue hair in a green jacket and knee highs.
  • Lucille, a pig with curly blonde hair and a red jacket.

Users may change the voices, names, and jobs/interests of the characters.

When Hollywood and Hollywood High were installed on the same computer, the two could be combined by using a key received by calling Theatrix after launching the "Unlock Hollywood" program; however, since the developer is now defunct, this feature is no longer available.


Entertainment Weekly gave the game an A−.[1]

Hollywood won the 1996 Codie award for Best Home Creativity Software Program.[citation needed]


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