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The Hollywood Fashion Center was a shopping mall located at the South East corner of Hollywood Boulevard (State Road 820) and US 441 (State Road 7) in Hollywood, Florida. The mall opened in 1972, and had four anchor stores: JCPenney, Richard's (later Zayre/Ames), Burdines and Jordan Marsh.[1] With the opening of Pembroke Lakes Mall six miles west in Pembroke Pines in 1992, most of the anchor stores in the Fashion Center moved to the bigger stores at Pembroke Lakes Mall. The mall closed in 1993, although a Gordon Food Service supermarket opened in the former Burdines in 1996, it later closed sometime in the 2010s.[2] For a brief period from 2002-2004 it served as an indoor flea market named Millennium SuperMall "Hollywood's City Place" until it was discovered many of the booths were selling stolen wares. It has been closed since then.

In March 2013, Walmart announced that they were purchasing the property and constructing a 185,000 square foot Walmart Supercenter. [3]

The demolition phase was completed in June, 2014 by Dean Zoner and GreenWay Demolition Services. [4]

The Hollywood Fashion Center is sometimes confused on the internet with the Hollywood Mall. However, the Hollywood Mall (now named Hollywood Plaza) is located about 2 miles east on Hollywood Blvd and was the location of the Sears where Adam Walsh was abducted. The Honeymoon Race was also recorded at the Hollywood Mall in 1967.


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