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Holm church and manse.

Holm (pronounced /hæm/ [1]) is a parish on Mainland, Orkney.[2]

An adjacent Sound, running between Mainland, and Burray, is named after Holm.[2] It has since been blocked up by the Churchill Barriers.[1] The parish flanks the north side of the Sound and extends to within 2½ miles of Kirkwall, and contains the village of St Mary's Holm, as well as the island of Lamb Holm. The Mainland section is six miles by two.[2]

The shores are mostly rocky, and the interior consists of light thin, loamy land.[2]

Church and manse[edit]

Holm church and manse are both of unusual design. The church has no spire or turret, and the manse is constructed so that all chimneys appear through the centre of a pyramidal roof.

World War II[edit]

Netherbutton Radar Station, which was part of the Chain Home system, was situated on both sides of the A961 road, although little now remains except four concrete mast bases.[3] Its construction was supervised by Leonard Chapman, who then held the rank of corporal.[4][5]


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Coordinates: 58°54′50″N 2°53′0″W / 58.91389°N 2.88333°W / 58.91389; -2.88333