Holm of Grimbister

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Holm of Grimbister
Meaning of name Small and rounded islet of Grim's farm
Holm of Grimbister is located in Orkney Islands
Holm of Grimbister
Holm of Grimbister
Holm of Grimbister shown within Orkney
OS grid reference HY378134
Coordinates 59°00′13″N 3°05′01″W / 59.0036°N 3.0836°W / 59.0036; -3.0836
Physical geography
Island group Orkney
Area 16 hectares (40 acres)[1]
Highest elevation 8 m (26 ft)[2]
Sovereign state United Kingdom
Country Scotland
Council area Orkney Islands Council
Population 3[3]
Population rank 80= [4]
Largest settlement Holm of Grimbister farm[2]

Holm of Grimbister is an inhabited tidal islet in the Orkney archipelago of Scotland. Located in the Bay of Firth near Finstown it is connected to Mainland Orkney by a causeway.


Bay of Firth is an inlet of the Wide Firth that lies to the North. Within the bay and to the north east of the Holm is the companion islet of Damsay. The causeway from Holm of Grimbister connects to the mainland at Holm Point, just north of the mainland settlement of Grimbister.[2] Haswell-Smith (2004) notes that the islet is farmed.[5]


Although it is clear that in 2007 the island was inhabited, as it was the residence of a candidate for the Scottish Parliamentary Elections in 2007,[6] it was not listed as such by the Census in 2001.[7] Press reports in March 2010 confirmed that at that time the population of the island was at least two.[8] The 2011 census recorded the population as three.[3] In 2016 the island was reported as being on sale for £300 000.[9]

Holm of Grimbister from the east with Finstown beyond


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Coordinates: 59°00′11″N 3°05′01″W / 59.003°N 3.0836°W / 59.003; -3.0836