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Holmesglen Institute is a vocational education and higher education institute situated in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Holmesglen Moorabbin Campus


Since its inception in 1982, Holmesglen has grown from a delivery of 90 programs to 7,000 students, to its current offering of over 600 programs to more than 50,000 students. Holmesglen delivers internationally and nationally across four campuses: Chadstone, Moorabbin, Waverley, and City.

Founded on apprenticeships and courses for the Building Industry, Holmesglen has since expanded to offer courses over a broad range of subject areas. 2008 saw the introduction of a number of new degree and associate degree programs, increasing the Institute's range of higher education courses to 10. New degree programs, most notably the Bachelor of Nursing, commenced in 2009. Holmesglen is the only institute in Australia offering upper secondary, vocational and higher education.

According to the Australian Business Register, the former names of Holmesglen are:[1]



Introduction of recent legislation in Australia has opened the door for TAFE institutes to deliver Higher Education courses at Degree level in addition to Certificate and Diploma level qualifications. Holmesglen has embraced this new opportunity with enthusiasm and has developed several entirely new bachelor's degrees.[2]

The range of courses on offer at Holmesglen rapidly increased, and now the institute delivers not just vocational training for trades but also more academic courses including ten degrees in the areas of business, building, health & social sciences, hospitality, education & languages and arts & design.


Holmesglen operates on five campuses: Chadstone (adjacent to Holmesglen train station), Moorabbin, Glen Waverley, City and Eildon.

The Chadstone campus is the largest and most widely recognised. It is here that the traditional trades areas are mostly housed in addition to many other course areas. The Chadstone Campus has three on-site cafeterias in Building Five, Three and One and it also has McDonald's and Nandos nearby. The campus is within walking distance to Chadstone Shopping Centre.

The Moorabbin campus was acquired from Chisholm TAFE and began operating as a Holmesglen Campus in 2002. Prior to that it was part of Barton TAFE, before it merged to become Chisholm TAFE and before that stood alone as Moorabbin Technical College. This campus delivers a diverse range of courses including hospitality, business, engineering, health sciences, fitness and short courses. The Moorabbin Campus is also the site of the Holmesglen Vocational College. The Moorabbin campus has one cafeteria in Building four and next to the cafeteria is an on-site Subway.

The Waverley campus is the newest purpose built facility and delivers training in hospitality, childcare, multimedia, animation, filmmaking, tourism and recreation.

The Eildon Campus which is their rural campus provides unique student and staff training opportunities.

The City campus opened in early 2012, offering courses including fashion, building design, IT and language programs.[3]


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