Holmger Knutsson

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Holmger Knutsson
Holmger Knutsson.jpg
Detail of Holmger Knutson's tomb cover from Skokloster Church, now in the Swedish Museum of National Antiquities.
Born 1210s
Died 1248
Burial Skokloster Church, Håbo, near Uppsala
Spouse Helena Filipsdotter
House House of Eric
Father Canute II of Sweden
Mother Helena Pedersdatter Strange

Holmger Knutsson (1210s – 1248) was a Swedish nobleman and a claimant to the Swedish throne during the reign of King Eric XI of Sweden.

Holmger Knutsson was the eldest son of King Canute II of Sweden and Helena Pedersdatter Strange. At his father's death in 1234, Holmger seems to have been on his way to be the new king, but he was side-tracked by Jarl Ulf Fase and earlier King Eric XI who had been exiled in Denmark since 1229. Holmger's whereabouts after that are not known, but it has been speculated that he held Gästrikland north of Uppland for the next thirteen years.

Together with folkungs, Holmger made an unsuccessful attempt for the crown in 1247. The Battle of Sparrsätra took place in Uppland north of Enköping between forces led by Birger Jarl and rebels led by Holmger Knutsson. According to Erikskrönikan, after defeat in the battle Holmger fled to Gästrikland but was captured, quickly brought to trial and beheaded in 1248.

There seems to have been a widespread attempt to have Holmger established as a saint, but that was eventually suppressed. The later manuscripts show that a special chapel was built to consecrate Holmger Knutsson in Björklinge, Norunda härad, in Uppland. He lies buried next to his father in Skokloster (Sko Abbey) Church in Håbo, near Uppsala. Holmger was married to Helena Philipsdotter. They had no known children.


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