Holmul River (Guatemala)

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"Río Holmul" redirects here. For the Maya archaeological site, see Holmul. For other rivers of the same name, see Holmul River.
Holmul River
Native name Río Holmul
Country Guatemala
Main source Guatemala (El Petén)
400 m (1,300 ft)
17°00′54″N 89°36′54″W / 17.015112°N 89.614878°W / 17.015112; -89.614878
River mouth 200 m (660 ft)
17°17′52″N 89°12′50″W / 17.297805°N 89.213963°W / 17.297805; -89.213963Coordinates: 17°17′52″N 89°12′50″W / 17.297805°N 89.213963°W / 17.297805; -89.213963

The Holmul River (Spanish: Río Holmul) is a river in northeastern Guatemala that flows through the Petén Basin region in the departamento (department) of El Petén towards the border with Belize. A number of significant pre-Columbian Maya sites lie along or near the course of this waterway, including Tikal, Nakum, Holmul, Naranjo, Yaxha and Witzna.