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Holo may refer to:

  • Holo, the theme, formerly-recommended by Google, for the design of Android apps, introduced with Android version 4.0
  • Hölö, a village in Södertälje Municipality, Sweden
  • Hoklo people (also spelled Hō-ló or Holo), a Han ethnic group whose traditional homeland is in South China
    • Holo or Hoklo the varieties in the Min Nan family of Chinese spoken by the Hoklo people
  • Théodore Holo (b. 1948), Beninese politician and foreign minister of Benin from 1991-2
  • Holo-Man, fictional American superhero who starred in a 1978 single-issue comic book about holography, The Amazing Adventures of Holo-Man
  • Holo, the main female character from the Japanese Spice and Wolf light novel series
  • Holo-Me, is the name of the character customisation process in the video game Elite: Dangerous

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