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Holocaust (band)

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OriginEdinburgh, Scotland
Years active1977–1983, 1984, 1988–present
LabelsPhoenix Record and Filmworks / Edgy Records
MembersJohn Mortimer
Scott Wallace
Mark McGrath
Past membersEd Dudley
Gary Lettice
Robin Begg
Paul Collins
Steven Cowen
Graham Hall
Iain McKenzie
John McCullim
David Rosie
Nicky Arkless
Ron Levine
Bryan Bartley
Raymond Marciano
Graham Cowen
Andy Colliar
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Holocaust are a Scottish heavy metal band founded in 1977 and based in Edinburgh.[1]

The band's lineup is John Mortimer guitar and vocals, Scott Wallace drums and Mark McGrath bass. The original lineup featured guitarists John Mortimer and Ed Dudley, vocalist Gary Lettice, bassist Robin Begg and drummer Nick Brockie.[1] In 1983, guitar player Ed Dudley left the band, forming and releasing an album under the moniker Hologram.[1] Holocaust was one of the Scottish bands in the new wave of British heavy metal scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s, deviating from the more commercial new wave music of the day, and combining earlier metal with the tempo and attitude of punk rock.[citation needed]

The John Mortimer-led Holocaust incorporated many progressive metal, thrash metal and post-punk influences into its sound, releasing complex pieces such as the "Sound of Souls" EP and concept album Covenant. The band's three-piece lineup has remained the same since 2003,[2] releasing the EP "Expander" and the album Predator in 2015, and most recently the album "Elder Gods" in 2019.[3]

Holocaust's song, "The Small Hours", was covered by Metallica in 1987 and released on their The $5.98 E.P. - Garage Days Re-Revisited EP, and reappeared on their 1998 compilation album Garage Inc.[1]



  • The Nightcomers (1981)
  • Steal the Stars (1983) released under the name 'Hologram'
  • No Man's Land (1984)
  • The Sound of Souls (1989)
  • Hypnosis of Birds (1992)
  • Spirits Fly (1996)
  • Covenant (1997)
  • The Courage to Be (2000)
  • Primal (2003)
  • Predator (2015)
  • Elder Gods (2019)[4]

Live albums[edit]

  • Live (Hot Curry & Wine) (1983)

EPs and singles[edit]

  • "Heavy Metal Mania" (1980, 7-inch)
  • Heavy Metal Mania (1980, 12-inch)
  • "Smokin' Valves" (1980, 7-inch)
  • Smokin' Valves (1980, 12-inch)
  • Live from the Raw Loud 'n' Live Tour (1981, 7-inch)
  • Comin' Through (1982, 12-inch)
  • Heavy Metal Mania '93 (1993, CD)
  • Expander (2013, CD)



  • Live from the Raw Loud 'n' Live Tour (1981, VHS; 2004, DVD)

Cover versions[edit]

  • Metallica covered the song "The Small Hours" (as above).[5]
  • Gamma Ray covered the song "Heavy Metal Mania" on their 1996 live album Alive '95.[6] There was also a studio version released as a bonus song with their 1995 album Land of the Free. In 2013, Gamma Ray recorded the song "Death or Glory" for their EP "Master of Confusion".[7]
  • Six Feet Under covered the song "Death or Glory" from The Nightcomers album on their 1997 Warpath record.[8]

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