Holocausto (band)

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Origin Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Genres Black metal, thrash metal
Years active 1985–present
Labels Cogumelo Records
Associated acts Sarcófago
Website Official website
Members Valério Exterminator (vocals, guitar)
Anderson Guerrilheiro (bass, vocals)
William Morais (drums)
Past members Marco Antônio (bass)
Nedson Warfare (drums)
Rodrigo Führer (drums, vocals)
Armando Nuclear Soldier (drums)
Renato da Costa (guitar)
João Marcelo (bass)
Rossano Polla (vocals)
Rodrigo dos Anjos (guitar)

Holocausto are a thrash/black metal band from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. They were formed in 1985 by Marco Antônio, Valério Exterminator and Rodrigo dos Anjos. To date they have released five records through Cogumelo Records.[1] They have been described by the journalist Eduardo Rivadavia as "Quite possibly the most controversial Brazilian heavy metal band ever".[2]


Holocausto were formed in 1985 by Marco Antônio (bass), Valério Exterminator (vocals and guitar) and Rodrigo dos Anjos (guitar). After recording a demo (Massacre, 1985) and contributing to Cogumelo's Warfare Noise I, the band caused controversy with their debut record, Campo de Extermínio. Whilst previous South American bands, such as Sepultura, Vulcano and Sarcófago had toyed with anti-Christian sentiment and Satanism, Holocausto used vivid descriptions of Nazi atrocities in the concentration camps, leading to accusations of antisemitism.[2] The band have claimed that they were "only trying to expose the horrors of the Holocaust in all its gruesome detail" and "that the album's shocking and unflinching descriptions were simply meant to show their own revulsion to the events that had inspired their name".[2][3]

The band continued with numerous line-up changes, releasing a series of albums through Cogumelo, without capitalising on their early notoriety. This lack of success has been ascribed to their line-up difficulties, their late adoption of English lyrics and the subject matter of their debut.[2] They did however reform in 2004, releasing a new hardcore-tinged album (De Volta ao Front) in 2005.


  • Marco Antônio (bass)
  • Nedson Warfare (drums)
  • Rodrigo Führer (drums, vocals)
  • Armando Nuclear Soldier (drums)
  • Renato da Costa (guitar)
  • João Marcelo (bass)
  • Rossano Polla (vocals)
  • Rodrigo dos Anjos (guitar)


  • Massacre (demo, 1985)
  • Warfare Noise I split LP (with Chakal, Mutilator and Sarcófago; Cogumelo, 1986)
  • Campo de Extermínio LP (Cogumelo, 1987)
  • Blocked Minds LP (Cogumelo, 1988)
  • Australoptecus Experience LP (demo, 1990)
  • Negatives LP (Cogumelo, 1990)
  • Tozago as Deismno LP (Cogumelo, 1993)
  • De Volta ao Front LP (Cogumelo, 2005)
  • Campo de Exterminio Show - 1987 DVD (Cogumelo, 2007)


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