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Steinerne Renne 2014.jpg
The Steinerne Renne on the upper reaches of the Holtemme
State Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Physical characteristics
Main source on the northeastern slopes of the Renneckenberg in the Harz
840 m above sea level (HN)
River mouth near Krottorf into the Bode
97 m above sea level (HN)
51°57′49″N 11°10′59″E / 51.963532°N 11.183074°E / 51.963532; 11.183074
Length 47 km (29 mi)
Basin features
Progression BodeSaaleElbeNorth Sea
Basin size 271 km2 (105 sq mi)

The Holtemme is a 47-kilometre (29 mi) long tributary of the river Bode in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

It rises in the Harz mountains at the eastern foot of the Brocken, descends during its upper course as the Steinerne Renne, a steep stream bed riddled with granite rocks, flows through Hasserode, Wernigerode and past their villages of Minsleben and Silstedt, through Derenburg and Halberstadt and discharges into the Bode.

In Wernigerode, not far from the western gate, the Zillierbach, which is also known as the Flutrenne, merges into the Holtemme.