Holy Angel's Convent Trivandrum

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Holy Angel's Convent Trivandrum
Holy Angel's Convent Trivandrum is located in Kerala
Holy Angel's Convent Trivandrum
Holy Angel's Convent Trivandrum is located in India
Holy Angel's Convent Trivandrum
Trivandrum, Kerala, India
Coordinates 8°29′53″N 76°56′35″E / 8.4981°N 76.9431°E / 8.4981; 76.9431Coordinates: 8°29′53″N 76°56′35″E / 8.4981°N 76.9431°E / 8.4981; 76.9431
Motto Love all; Serve all
Established 1880
Manager Rev. Sr. Angel Thomas
Principal Rev. Sr. Adelaide
Enrollment 6000
Houses Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

The Holy Angels' Convent Higher Secondary School is one of the oldest educational institutions in the city of Trivandrum/Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the Kerala state in India.


This school for girls was opened on November 10, 1880 by Mother Elias from Ireland. She was the foundress of the Congregation of the Carmelite Religious (C.C.R).

In 1888, the school secured the honour of being the first girls' school in South India which presented students for the Matriculation Examination of Madras University. In 1896, the school was upgraded to a second grade college. But this college section was closed in 1906.

Present day[edit]

The school boasts of a strength of over 6000 students, mostly girls. Admission to the boys is restricted up to the IV standard. Both English and Malayalam are used as the media for instruction. The school has a library of over 20,000 books, a fully equipped and upgraded computer lab, laboratory facilities, huge sprawling buildings and beautiful gardens. Boarding facilities are also available here.

This School has a house system which include four houses viz Blue, Green, Yellow and Red . This housing system increases the efficiency of students in curricular as well as extra curricular activities

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