Holy Cross Church, Rostov-on-Don

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Holy Cross Church
Армянская Апостольская церковь Сурб Хач (Святой Крест) (1792г.) в городе Ростове-на-Дону.jpg
Surp Khach Armenian Church
General information
Town or city Nakhichevan-on-Don
Country Russia
Construction started 1786
Completed 1792

Surp Khach Church (Armenian: Սուրբ Խաչ [suɾpʰ χɑtʃʰ], Russian: Церковь Святого Креста, Holy Cross Church) is an 18th-century Armenian church in Nor Nakhichevan. It is the oldest surviving monument in the borders of Rostov-on-Don.[1]


The church was built in 1786–1792. In 1972, it was turned into a museum of Russian-Armenian friendship, but was reopened as an Armenian Apostolic Church in 2000.[1][2]

The church is situated in the modern-day Voroshilovsky (North) rayon, on a high hill near the river. Several famous Armenian people like Harutyun Alamdaryan, Raphael Patkanian and Mikael Nalbandian are buried near the church.

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Patkanyan's (left) and Nalbandyan's graves


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Coordinates: 47°17′26″N 39°43′19″E / 47.29056°N 39.72194°E / 47.29056; 39.72194