Holy Cross Church, Września

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Holy Cross Church, Września
(Polish) Kościół Świętego Krzyża we Wrześni
Kosciol Swietego Krzyza we Wrzesni.jpg
Basic information
Location Września
Affiliation Roman Catholic
District Września
Province Archdiocese of Gniezno
Country Poland
Completed 17th century
Direction of façade south east
Spire(s) 1
Materials wood

Holy Cross Church, Września (pl. Kościół Świętego Krzyża we Wrześni) - is a wooden church (to 1966 likes chapel) in the north-western part of Września, Poland, located in the Lipówka district, on Świętokrzyska street, next to the storage reservoir Wrześnica. The church is registered as a protected monument Greater Poland Voivodeship - Distinctive emblem for cultural property.svg No. 2293/A (December 8, 1993).

History and building description[edit]

Funded by Września's rectors in the 17th century, the Holy Cross Church was the first chapel to be built in the Lipówka district. The church's founding is pertinently connected to a nearby spring and is regarded as miraculous.


Notes and references[edit]

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Coordinates: 52°20′01″N 17°33′04″E / 52.33361°N 17.55111°E / 52.33361; 17.55111