Church of the Holy Cross, Aleppo

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Holy Cross Church
Սուրբ Խաչ
كنيسة الصليب المقدس
Holy Cross Church, Aleppo (2).jpg
Holly Cross Church during Christmas, December 2007
AffiliationArmenian Catholic Church
Armenian Catholic Archeparchy of Aleppo
Year consecrated24 April 1993
LocationOuroubeh district, Addou'ali Street,
Syria Aleppo, Syria
Church of the Holy Cross, Aleppo is located in Aleppo
Church of the Holy Cross, Aleppo
Location in Aleppo
Geographic coordinates36°12′45″N 37°09′19″E / 36.2124°N 37.1553°E / 36.2124; 37.1553Coordinates: 36°12′45″N 37°09′19″E / 36.2124°N 37.1553°E / 36.2124; 37.1553
Architect(s)Sarkis Balmanoukian
StyleRadial (Saint Hripsime-style)

Church of the Holy Cross (Armenian: Սուրբ Խաչ, Sourp khach; Arabic: كنيسة الصليب المقدس) is an Armenian Catholic Church in the Ouroubeh district of Aleppo, Syria.


The consecration of the church took place on 24 April 1993, on the 78 anniversary of the Armenian genocide.[1] It is the work of the Aleppine-Armenian architect Sarkis Balmanougian. The church has a single dome with a belfry at the entrance.

During the Syrian Civil War and after the break-up of the Battle of Aleppo in 2012, the seat of the Armenian Catholic Archeparchy of Aleppo was temporarily moved to the Holy Cross Church, as the original seat of the diocese the Cathedral of Our Mother of Reliefs was frequently being shelled by the Islamist rebels.

As of April 2010, Father Nerses Zabbarian is the parish priest of Holy Cross church.


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