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Holy Cross College is situated on Calvary Hill, in the city of Arima, which is located in the north-east of Trinidad (and Tobago). This twin island republic is the last in the archipelago of the Caribbean, just north of Venezuela in South America.


Arima is home to some indigenous people – the First Nations (Caribs). The Santa Rosa feast is celebrated with ancestral heritage, and cultural festivities involving Parang music.

This rich cultural tradition of the people of Arima helped give birth to Holy Cross College. The college was started by the Dominican Order of Preachers in 1957. Holy Cross College originated in the mind of Parish Priest of Arima at the time: Canon Jeremiah Maher.

Holy Cross College was started in Arima on Church St. in the year 1957 by the Dominican Order under Fr. Rev. Ignatius Candon who was the College's first Principal.

The Holy Cross College was first located on the corner of Woodford St. and Church St. It was formally the Ince's Property and that building was then used as quarters for staff of the College. An Arcon building procured from Sprostons Ltd. was used as the temporary College Building. The College was opened on 18 September 1957 with an enrollment of 74 boys, because that was the amount the building could accommodate. From there the College was resituated at Calvary, Arima, where it stands today.

Holy Cross College or part of it was once situated on DeGannes Street, where the Seventh-day Adventist Church currently stands.


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