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Holy Cross Matriculation Higher Secondary School
No.14, Kamarajar Nagar Colony, Cuddalore Main Road, Ammapet, Udayapatti
Salem, Tamil Nadu, India
Coordinates 11°39′49″N 78°12′12″E / 11.663718°N 78.203259°E / 11.663718; 78.203259Coordinates: 11°39′49″N 78°12′12″E / 11.663718°N 78.203259°E / 11.663718; 78.203259
School type Private school, Catholic school, Boys school
Motto "Ad Augusta Per Angusta"
("Success Through Hard Work")
Established 1963
Founded 1835
Founder Basil Antony Mary Moreau
Area trustee Brothers of Holy Cross
Administrator Bro. Kulandai C.S.C
Principal Bro. Gnanasekaren,C.S.C
Faculty approximately 290 (as of 2014)
Years offered Lower Kindergarden - 12th
Gender Male
Age range 04 - 17 Year's
Number of students Approximately 4950 (As of 2017)
Average class size Approximately 65
Medium of language English
Language English
Hours in school day 8
Campuses 2
Houses St.Andre (Blue)
Fr. Moreau (Red)
St. Joseph (Green)
Fr. Dujarie (Yellow)
Colour(s)          White and Light Gray
Song "Let's Loudly Sing..."
Sports Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Skating, Swimming, Track events
School fees Varies from standard
Affiliations Tamil Nadu State Board
Alumni Old Boys Association www.holycrossoba.com

Holy Cross School (Holy Cross Matriculation Higher Secondary School) is a Catholic school which comprises Primary, Secondary and Higher level education system. It was established by the Brothers of Holy Cross in 1963.


The Brothers of Holy Cross, the patrons of the school, are part of the international family of the Congregation of Holy Cross which is in 13 countries catering to the pastoral, education and other needs of the church in particular and the world in general.

The congregation founded by Blessed Basil Antony Mary Moreau in 1835, continues to carry on the mission entrusted to it by its founder. The Brothers of Holy Cross who landed in South India in 1959 have contributed enormously to the faith life of the church and have made a difference in the lives of thousands of students and others in the past 50 years. Holy Cross, Salem is an example of the values and principles that the brothers have stood for.


In 1835, when France was under the clutches of the French Revolution, Fr. Moreau, founded a religious community to help the people. After a tumultuous period this community got a strong foothold. It was named Holy Cross.

Some decades ago there was an urge in this community to spread its wings. Missionary zeal blew some young religious to Bengal. Some of them found a place in India. It was little doubted that this band would form a long-standing religious community in India. They were groping for truth in the complex Indian society. This led them to find satisfaction in the field of education.

The Brothers of Holy Cross chose Salem to start a school in 1963 as a legacy of their hundred years of educational expertise in the west. It had a humble beginning. Not even its founder would have thought that a school started with just five students would grow up to be an institution to keep 4000 students and 200 staff in its portal.


Audio visual lab[edit]

The institution has multimedia-based education system providing sound and visual components, which facilitates and educates the students using interactive technology. The students can present slides and documentaries apart from which quiz programmes and seminars are organised. A projector with 5000 luminous display along with high-end sound equipment helps make teaching effective. There are two audio visual labs in the campus.

Computer lab[edit]

The institution has a well-equipped computer lab with round-the-clock power so that the students stay focused and make utmost use of equipment to enrich knowledge. The practical modules are practiced by the students under the teachers guidance.


The institution aims at providing good education with a comfort and nature-friendly environment to make the students feel like home. The classrooms and lecture halls are equipped with proper lighting and ventilation. The classrooms have notification boards where students can post or stick interesting articles. There are bins to keep the classrooms clean. Every classroom has an announcement speaker. The classrooms hold more than 50 students.

Language Proficiency Class[edit]

The institution has introduced Language Proficiency Classes to enhance the competency of students in English. These classes comprise a set of modules such as phonetics, grammar, communication and comprehension. The progress of the students is evaluated by a process of oral and written examinations specially designed to engage the qualitative and quantitative improvement. In April, summer coaching classes are conducted to help the students who fail to achieve the stipulated standard in English proficiency. A group of students were identified and selected for special English skills under Shakespeares Of HolyCross [SOH] program

Language Laboratory[edit]

There are two language laboratories available in the campus.The institution has introduced the concept of Language Laboratory, a modern teaching concept found in schools and universities based out of India. The laboratory is well equipped with computers installed with sophisticated software, audio-visual display which is used to enhance spoken English. The software is programmed to help students make use of phonetic symbols and to test pronunciation.

Physics and Chemistry Laboratory[edit]

The institution has a well-equipped Physics and Chemistry Laboratory. The students can use the equipment to experiment on laws of physics and to practice solutions of chemistry under the guidance of teachers and assistants.

Biology and Zoology Laboratory[edit]

In addition, the institution has a Biology and Zoology lab with preserved specimens. This helps the student to understand the subject and category better. Tests are conducted to evaluate the students' knowledge.


There is a canteen where nutritious snacks and healthy drinks are provided at reasonable prices. The canteen is monitored and handled by staff members so students can have a hassle-free snacks.


Holy Cross School has a hostel on the campus for the students. It is equipped with beds, study tables, and lockers for all. The hostel has a separate kitchen with dining area where food is provided. The students progress and behaviour is monitored by a mentor and warden.



The school has a well built indoor and outdoor rubber coated basketball court with floodlights and scoreboard which hosts tournaments. There is a separate track with nets to practice cricket.

Apart from this there is a separate court for football and volleyball where the students practice, a separate bay built for skating, and long jump. The school has a well established gymnasium the students can access to keep fit. In addition to all of it the school holds an Annual Sports Meet every year. The school has hosted southern region zonal sports meet in its past.


Holy Cross has many clubs for students to enhance their skills in activities apart from academics. A student can choose between any of the clubs and can opt for two clubs in an academic year. These include the Computer club, ECCO club, Economics club, English Literary Association, History & Geography club, Interact club, Junior Jaycee, Language club, Maths club, Nature club, Science club, Sports & Health club, Philately club, and Quiz club.

Co-curricular activities[edit]

The cultural festival, fondly known as Kalothsav, is a testimony to the multifaceted education ethos of Holy Cross. In keeping with the tradition of Holy Cross as path breakers and pioneers, Kalothsav, the inter-school cultural competitions, came into existent three decades ago to provide avenues to the student fraternity of Salem to showcase their talents and capabilities.

Kalothsav encompasses multiple cultural activities.

  • Kalothsav Kids: the inter-school cultural competition for lower and upper kindergarten students.
  • Kalothsav Junior: the inter-school cultural competition for primary level students.
  • Kalothsav Senior: the inter-school cultural competition for secondary and higher level students.
  • Kalothsav Grand Nights: a platform for the inter-school winners to showcase their skills to the people of Salem.

National Cadet Corps: Army and Air Wing, the school imparts basic discipline and instills in the young minds patriotic feelings. It offers opportunity for careers in the Army and Air Force.

Junior Red Cross: Junior Red Cross gives training in First Aid, Clean Environment etc.

National Service Scheme: N.S.S tries to make the students aware of the dignity of labour and give enough opportunity to its members to move with the public. The members are encouraged to believe in the concept "Not me but you".

Green Movement: Promotes environment friendly activities.

Red Ribbon: AIDS awareness.

Science Exhibition: A science exhibition which is open to all the students of the institution. They can come up with any science-related projects. The judge who takes a look at the projects picks out three winners who are awarded with a medal.

Trekking: The school conducts an adventurous journey on foot from the foothills of Yercaud mountain to the Holy Cross House which is on the top of the hill (approximately 22 km). Refreshments are served once the participant reaches the house. The participants are accompanied by teachers and staff.


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