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Holy League may refer to:

  • Holy League (1495), or "League of Venice", alliance of several opponents of French hegemony in Italy, arranged by Pope Alexander VI
  • League of Cambrai, anti-Venetian alliance that included Louis XII of France, Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, and Ferdinand I of Spain, created by Pope Julius II
  • Holy League (1538), a short-lived alliance of Christian states arranged by Pope Paul III at the urging of the Republic of Venice; defeated by Hayreddin Barbarossa in Battle of Preveza
  • Holy League (1571), included almost all the major Catholic maritime states in the Mediterranean; defeated Ottomans in Battle of Lepanto
  • Holy League (1594), established in 1594 by Pope Clement VIII was a military alliance of predominantly Christian European countries (Holy League) aimed against the Ottoman Empire during the Long War (1591–1606).
  • Holy League (1684), composed of the Holy Roman Empire, Poland-Lithuania and the Venetian Republic; fought Ottomans in the Great Turkish War
  • Holy League (1717), allying the Papal States to Portugal, Venice and Malta against the Ottoman Empire and which resulted in the Battle of Matapan
  • One of the Catholic Leagues

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