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Holy Rollerz Christian Car Club, Inc.
Holyrollerz inc logo.jpg
Founded 1999
Founders Brian Wood
Gustavo Torres[1]
Type 501(c)3 non-profit organization
Origins Kennesaw, Georgia
Area served
Method Christian ministry in the automotive field
742 paying members, 5000+ website profiles
Key people
Chapter presidents and officers
Slogan Isaiah 61:3 "...a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor"
Website http://www.holyrollerz.org

Holy Rollerz Christian Car Club (HRC3) is a non-profit Christian ministry started by Brian Wood and Gustavo "Gus" Torres in Kennesaw, Georgia.[2] Since its beginning in 1999, it has grown to be the largest Christian automotive ministry of any kind in the world, with chapters across the United States and members across the world.[1][3]

Mission statement[edit]

"The Corporation is organized for charitable, educational and recreational purposes. The goal is to spread the Word of God throughout the community and to provide a positive environment for automotive enthusiasts."[3][4]


Membership to Holy Rollerz is through a lengthy application process. Once completed, the application is sent to the officers of the club, who include the presidents of each chapter, for review and discussion. The organization's trademark, a vinyl applique for the windshield of a member's vehicle,[5] is then given to the new member.


Domestic chapters[edit]

National chapter[edit]

For members of Holy Rollerz who do not live close to a local chapter, there is a National Chapter that they can belong to.

International chapter[edit]

For international members, they belong to the International Chapter.

Internet forum[edit]

The Holy Rollerz Forum is the largest Christian automotive forum on the internet.[6] Popular threads are their Faith-based Discussion, General Discussion, and the local threads for each of the chapters.

Membership and posting ability on the Holy Rollerz Forum is separate from the car club. A "user" may sign on to the forums to post, but may not become an official member of the club without going through the application process and submitting their application to the officers of the club for approval.

Media coverage of HRC3[edit]

Holy Rollerz Christian Car Club has been featured in many news articles, TV shows and their officers have been invited on radio shows.[7] Some include,

News Papers[edit]

TV Shows[edit]

Radio Shows[edit]

  • KKEI Radio

Feature-length Movies[edit]


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