Holy Trinity Cathedral, Palayamkottai

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Holy Trinity Cathedral
Other names Oosi Kopuram, ஊசி கோபுரம்
Proper name தூய திரித்துவ பேராலயம்
Coordinates 8°43′35″N 77°43′37″E / 8.726513°N 77.727067°E / 8.726513; 77.727067Coordinates: 8°43′35″N 77°43′37″E / 8.726513°N 77.727067°E / 8.726513; 77.727067
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
District Tirunelveli
Locale Palayamkottai
Important festivals Christmas, New year, Easter
Architectural styles UK 1820s
History and governance
Date built 1826
Creator C. T. E. Rhenius
Website www.csitirunelveli.org

Holy Trinity Cathedral is the cathedral church of Tirunelveli Diocese under Church of South India.

Bishops of the CSI Tirunelveli Diocese[edit]

  • Samuel Morley 1896–1903
  • Arthur A Williams 1905–1914
  • Harry M Waller 1915–1923
  • Norman H Tubbs 1923–1928
  • Frederick J Western 1929–1938
  • Stephen C Neill 1939–1944 (Founder of Bishopric – CSI Tirunelveli Diocese)
  • George T Selwyn 1945–1952
  • Augustine G Jebaraj 1953–1970 (First Indian bishop –CSI Tirunelveli Diocese)
  • Thomas S Garrett 1971–1974
  • S Daniel Abraham 1975–1984
  • Jason S Dharmaraj 1985–1999


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R Joseph served as the senior pastor of Holy Trinity cathedral from 1987-92.

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