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Not to be confused with Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in Jordanville, New York, or Holy Trinity College and Seminary in New Port Richey, Florida.

Holy Trinity Seminary is a Roman Catholic seminary residence in Irving, Texas, United States, in the Diocese of Dallas, Texas that is located within the University of Dallas campus, founded in 1964. It is headed by Rector James Swift, C.M., and Vice Rector Keith Koehl, who is also Director of formation.

Seminarians at Holy Trinity Seminary attend classes at the University of Dallas. The University of Dallas is an independent Catholic university with strong ties to the Diocese of Dallas. As a non-degree-granting academic residence, Holy Trinity Seminary is not separately accredited by any accrediting organization, but is approved by the Diocese of Dallas and the Holy See for the formation of candidates for the priesthood prior to receiving the Sacrament of Holy Orders.


Before being ordained as a priest, seminarians who reside at Holy Trinity Seminary must graduate from the University of Dallas with a degree in Philosophy and Letters that is specifically designed for seminarians and their later priestly duties in managing a parish and attending to the spiritual needs of parishioners. Holy Trinity Seminary does not itself grant degrees, but rather serves as a residence for seminarians as they take classes at the neighboring academic campus of the University of Dallas.

In addition to their classroom studies at the University of Dallas, seminarians preparing for the priesthood at Holy Trinity Seminary are assigned house jobs and a weekly, communal work order so they learn to think of the seminary as their house and to accept responsibility for its maintenance.[1]

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