Holy Trinity Statue, Șimleu Silvaniei

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Holy Trinity Statue
Statuia Sfintei Treimi
Holy Trinity Statue is in the background
Location Șimleu Silvaniei
Material stone
Opening date 1772
Dedicated to Trinity

The Holy Trinity Statue (Romanian: Statuia Sfintei Treimi) is an obelisk in Șimleu Silvaniei, Romania.


The obelisk was opened in 1772 as a sign of gratitude because plague avoided locality which affected the region; the Russian plague of 1770-1772 claimed tens of thousands of lives. The Holy Trinity Statue was never moved from its original place.[1] This historic monument was renovated in 2010.[2]


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Coordinates: 47°10′32.98″N 23°3′34.00″E / 47.1758278°N 23.0594444°E / 47.1758278; 23.0594444