Holy Trinity the Less

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Holy Trinity the Less
Current photo of site
Country United Kingdom
Denomination Roman Catholic, Anglican

Holy Trinity the Less was a parish church in the City of London, destroyed in the Great Fire of London.[1]


The church was on the east side of Knightrider Street on the south side near St Nicholas Cole Abbey.[2]


The church was medieval in origin, and Stow traced its roots back to 1266.[3] By 1606, it had fallen into a ruinous state and had to be propped up. It was subsequently demolished and rebuilt.[4] The patronage of the church was with the Prior and convent of St Mary Overie, Southwark, then, after the dissolution, with the dean and chapter of Canterbury Cathedral.[4]

In 1670 a Rebuilding Act was passed and a committee set up under the stewardship of Sir Christopher Wren to decide which would be rebuilt after the Great Fire.[5] Fifty-one were chosen, but Holy Trinity the Less was one of the minority never to be rebuilt.[6]

After the fire, the church's parish was united with St Michael Queenhithe,[7] The site of the burnt out Anglican church was used for a German Lutheran church, which opened in 1673. It survived until 1871 when it was closed and demolished to make way for the Mansion House underground station [8] The churchyard was razed in 1872 to make room for the station.[9]


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