Holyhead Mail Pier Light

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Holyhead Mail Pier Light
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Holyhead Mail Pier Light is located in Wales
Holyhead Mail Pier Light
United Kingdom
Coordinates53°18′51″N 4°37′12″W / 53.314198°N 4.619870°W / 53.314198; -4.619870Coordinates: 53°18′51″N 4°37′12″W / 53.314198°N 4.619870°W / 53.314198; -4.619870
Year first constructed1821
Constructionstone tower
Tower shapebroad tapered cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / patternunpainted tower, black lantern, greenish lantern dome
Tower height15 metres (49 ft)
ARLHS numberWAL-053
HeritageGrade II listed building Edit this on Wikidata

Holyhead Mail Pier Light on Salt Island, Anglesey, is an inactive lighthouse which was built by the civil engineer John Rennie in 1821. It is probably the second oldest lighthouse in Wales, after Point of Ayr Lighthouse and is the last of three lighthouses located on the island.[1]

There is a matching tower in Howth, Ireland, also designed by Rennie, for the other terminal of the Irish packet steamer. The lighthouse is of national significance as one of John Rennie's surviving works. He was one of the most eminent engineers of the world's first Industrial Revolution. Of particular importance, in a Welsh context, is the early date of the lighthouse lantern, which was originally lit by gas. Before the conversion to electricity a gas works was located on the island to power the lighthouse, the piers and even part of Holyhead itself. The works were constructed at a cost of £130,000, an astronomical sum at the time.

The tower survives intact and has beautifully curving gallery railings, similar to those at Bardsey Lighthouse. It is no longer in use, although it is used as a navigation reference for sailors.[1][2][3]

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